Helping Those Effected By The Government Shutdown


Our hearts go out to our neighbors who are being effected by the government shutdown and struggling to stay afloat. 

As a small token of our support, we would like to give you a $50 gift card to help with your groceries, gas, or for whatever you need.

If you are being affected, and are not receiving a paycheck, please fill out the form below so that we can help you in this way. 

We really appreciate your service, and are praying that this shutdown ends very soon, so that you can get back to work and catch your breath again. 

If you would like to donate $50 to help a family in need, click here

We have had a overwhelming response and we appreciate everyone's passion in helping others.  While all of the gift cards have been claimed, be sure to like and follow us on facebook as we are always looking for ways to give back to the people who make a difference.